We believe that the greatest problem facing all people is sin, and as a result, we are not at peace with God. That’s the bad news.


We believe the greatest need of every person, therefore, is to be forgiven of our sin and to have peace with God.


We believe that the greatest solution to our problem is found in Jesus alone. Jesus paid the penalty on the cross for our sin, and we are reconciled to God by His death. For those who by faith receive and rest on Jesus alone, there is peace with God. This is really Good News!

At Good News Church, we joyfully and unashamedly preach and teach the entire content of the Bible, which we believe is the inspired and inerrant Word of the living God. We are an evangelical, conservative, Bible-believing church that is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). 

Our mission

Our church name, “Good News Church,” is our mission – to connect people to the life-changing Good News about Jesus. A diagram that we call the “Gracious Cycle” illustrates how you can get connected to the Good News about Jesus.


ExploreWe offer many opportunities for all people, from skeptics and inquirers to lifetime Christians, to explore the Good News about Jesus through informal courses as well as Bible studies and adult and children Sunday School.


Enjoy – Enjoy the Good News by joining us for a celebration of worship every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Come as you are and join us in singing and hearing about the Good News about Jesus.


Express – People who truly enjoy the Good News can’t help but express it in their personal, community, and church lives. We have many opportunities to express the Good News through serving others within the church as well as the community.